Car Tunes History

A little History

The original Car Tunes opened in Farmingdale, New York in the 1970’s. The company grew to a six store chain by the late 1980’s. John Malakassis joined the company in 1987. As time past the company shrunk back to it origins and was once again just in Farmingdale. The 90’s brought new and exciting technologies. As the old adage goes out with the old and in with the new, John Malakassis took over ownership of Car Tunes in 1992. The old regime spent a lot of money on advertising. This was one of the factors that contributed to its downsizing. John decided that a new approach should be taken. If the company does great work at a fair price the company should be able to sustain itself on word of mouth. The new era of Car Tunes began. Joe Santaniello worked for the old company but left to explore new avenues. When John took the helm, Joe immediately came back.

John and Joe worked very hard over the years to keep the company going. The introduction of the internet and on-line sales as well as the dips in the economy brought many challenges. Hard work and great employees kept the company going.

Our Mission

Our philosophy has not changed. Great work at a fair price! We know we will never get rich in this profession, however how may people can work the same job for most of their adult life and still enjoy going to work.

One of our simple pleasures is when a customer comes in and tells us we sold them a system for their first car. They are now here with their teenager with their first car. Our industry has evolved from simple cassette radios to Navigation radios and Bluetooth systems. These advances keep us on our toes. I still don’t know the reason for a push to start. Our customers know we will always carry the latest and greatest. We are constantly keeping up with the new technologies and perfecting the application into the new vehicles. Our technicians are of the highest quality. They love a challenge and being creative. If a new vehicle comes in and we have not worked on it yet, we explain that to the customer. Even when the occasional hiccup occurs we work through it until we get it right. One of our techs once said, “there are never any problems, only solutions.”

Thank You for being a Car Tunes customer and we hope to be around along time to guide you through the newest and coolest.

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