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Car Tunes – this is what we do.

John has been designing car systems for 30 plus years and is dedicated to staying on top of the latest technologies. The staff at Car Tunes is stays on top by continuing education with manufacturer training and with the Mobile Electronics Certification Program (MECP). We will devote the time to discuss what works best for you and your budget. You will be given the best options to achieve your listening goals with no pressure. 

Our goal is to make your in car listening experience exceed any expectations you have. Each individual has different listening desires, we will spend time to learn your likes and dislikes. We will tailor your experience to elevate your sound system. 

If you are looking for a simple upgrade or a whole new sound system for your vehicle we have you covered. Stop down and let us design the audio system of your dreams. You just might like what you hear.

Remote Start

Many new vehicles are equipped with anti-theft ignition systems which require the key used to start the vehicle is programmed to the vehicle. The keys supplies a specific code that your vehicle will recognize and allow the car to start. If a key not programmed to the vehicle was attempted to be used even turning the key cylinder the engine would not start.

When installing a remote start a module is used to learn and supply that code to the vehicle only when the remote start is activated. The factory starter disable is always in effect otherwise. These modules range in cost from 50.00 to 125.00 depending on the vehicle. Push to start vehicles will require a module and require additional labor. 

When a vehicle is remote started a key is needed to unlock the steering column and drive the car. If someone was able to get into the vehicle during remote start mode and tried to put the car in drive or stepped on the brake pedal the car would shut off.

Remote starts can be added to factory remotes or for longer range we can supply you with new remotes. If even longer distance is needed a car link or smart start module can be added. This new very cool invention will allow you access from a smart phone. You can perform all functions as well as get confirmation that the vehicle has started. If you add a security system you will also be notified if the alarm triggers.

Do not be FOOLED by the car dealer !!!

Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty improvement act , a vehicle manufacturer may not make its vehicle warranty conditional on the use of any product or service unless the manufacturer provides the product or service free of charge or the FTC has specifically published that only the vehicle manufacturers product or service is needed. Read more

Car dealerships have their own after market shops come in and install your up-grades. We are less expensive, offer better equipment, do a professional installation and are way better looking.

Give us a call and we will be able to quote a price on the system that best meets your needs....

Window Tinting

Car Tunes offers a limited lifetime warranty* as long as you own your vehicle. We use Suntek film which is made in the good ol' USA. Our Tinter has been perfecting this craft for 25 + years. He does one piece back windows and microedges the side windows.


  • Standard vehicles - $199.99
  • 2 windows are - $99.95
  • Euro vehicles and full SUVs - Please call for price quote

All tinting is done by appointment.

*Tint is fully guaranteed on parts and labor for 3 years. After 3 years the film is covered, but the labor is not. Labor will be charged at a reduced rate and determined by a case by case basis.